We used to have such fun,

You and me.

Me and you.

We would laugh about the silliest things –

oh how you would laugh at my jokes.

You were small, and I tall.

We had opposing views about some things

but none of that mattered.

We had a secret way of knowing no matter what,

we were always on the same page –

Comrades in arms

There for one another.

That twinkle in your eyes told me I was not alone.

Do you remember those times when I was always cold

and you were always hot?

I do.

And now that has all gone –

you have gone

Our jokes and laughter have been silenced.

Now, I no longer have the warmth of your smile,

the reassurances that only you could give.

Gone, gone, gone!

Who could know we were not going to last forever.

Maybe in some netherworld, we are still comrades in arms.

But for now, your place is empty and irreplaceable,

your face gone.

For now.

Although I will remember you as you were alive,

smiling, consoling, just being you.

Right there by my side

Only gone for now.

Only gone for now.


In loving memory of my good friend Tracey Hughes. RIEP! x



So here we all are already at the end of May! I trust your creativity is reaching greater heights.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Writing your first novel – Part 2



So you are writing your first novel. You have worked out your characters, plot and conflict. This process could take sometime because creative writing is an art and not a science, therefore individual writers have different approaches to writing fiction.

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Writing your first novel – Part 1


Let me jump right in and say if you are thinking of writing your first novel, well done! You are about to start a hefty task that is going to require a lot of your time and dedication. I salute you for your courage and self-belief.

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Deep down there is a well bubbling,

it is threatening to overflow.

Whirling round and round picking up more strength

at it goes.

My mind can hardly contain my angst,

my lungs aching as a scream bursts from my body,

the echo of which can be heard around the world.

And I would give the world for

silence, peace and serenity.

Silence, peace and serenity.

I like the sound of that.




Until next time,

Happy writing, S

Research and the Creative Writer!


If you stop to think for a moment about what you are attempting to achieve as a writer, it’s pretty awesome!

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Write Away: Poem



To write is to express

To write is to shine a light on all that is unseen

Or misunderstood

To give hope

To illuminate all that is hidden

Within you

To write is to bring joy

Forever more!


Thank you everyone for your continued support during 2018 and before that. All your likes and comments are gratefully received and appreciated.

May 2019 bring you everything you could possibly want and more…

Happy New Year!

See you on the other side!