So, this is it!

Our old world

gone someplace, who knows where.

Did we imagine it? Was it really there?

The new world, a shadow of the old

Could this be it?

Things I knew nothing about before, linger and cast long shadows.

Could this be it?

I gather up and brace myself for this new challenge

but like none of it!

I prefer the old ways,

I guess I’m funny like that.

I knew it, loved it even

but this…

Could this be it?

I guess everything changes,

will this become the new familiar?

Then, this is it!

Thanks for stopping by. Until next time, S

Nicholas Sparks, Nights in Rodanthe – A Book Review

download (3)

Hello and welcome from London. And in keeping with the onset of autumn, you know, where the nights are longer and you may soon need an extra log on the fire (certainly here in England), I have got something for you romance fiction lovers.

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If Only


This is me lying face down on the ground,

broken, wasted, dismissed,

the life draining out of me.

But I am still alive, only just.

Memories of you waft in and out of my mind.

Your face, your hair, your eyes …

A smile dances around my mouth, despite myself.

Have I got enough strength to get off the ground?

Go looking for you,

could I find you?

Would you want me to?

Footsteps hasten in my direction, slow down

and then move away, suddenly.

I guess I am not exactly a pretty sight…

That’s what years of living on the streets will get you.

Broken, wasted someone’s punchbag.

But who cares about that.

If only I could find you,

just to see you, and know you won’t twist your face

away from me.

If only…

I could rise up, off the ground.

If only.



Dedicated to the many homeless men and women in my neighbourhood. May life start looking up for you.


Thanks for stopping by, S

Belinda Bauer, SNAP – A Book Review


Hello and greetings from London. I trust all is well in your world.

Snap, by British author Belinda Bauer is classified as a crime novel and in theory is it. But it is a crime novel with a difference.

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Ghost Town


As I wander down my street,

houses small, standing side by side,

there is no echo of children playing,

no small grinning faces,

glad to be out of school for the summer.

The town is empty, the pavements desolate.

No footsteps tap on the concrete.

Few revving cars can be heard, their music, coarse and metallic.

Overhead, urban seagulls squawk and scream in the skies

as they make their way to some distant shore.

The town is eerily silent, creepy, empty, vacant,

the climate dusty and dry.

And at night…

The shadows deepen.

Somewhere in the distance a cat’s call pierces the gloom,

before slinking off –

And I wonder what the night will bring, before the break of dawn.

Thanks for stopping by.

Until next time, S

Dean Koontz, What The Night Knows – A Book Review


what the night knows 3

Those of you who are familiar with the American fiction writer Dean Koontz will know his books can only be described as dark thrillers or out-and-out horrors! Dean Koontz is certainly not the one to read if you want a quiet read before bedtime!

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The Power of a Good Subplot


So you are writing your brilliant novel. Agents and publishers would be crazy to reject it. Sounds great doesn’t it? While I cannot personally guarantee how well your novel will be received by anyone, one thing is certain, a good subplot will increase your books chances of success.

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Gone: Poem


We used to have such fun,

You and me.

Me and you.

We would laugh about the silliest things –

oh how you would laugh at my jokes.

You were small, and I tall.

We had opposing views about some things

but none of that mattered.

We had a secret way of knowing no matter what,

we were always on the same page –

Comrades in arms

There for one another.

That twinkle in your eyes told me I was not alone.

Do you remember those times when I was always cold

and you were always hot?

I do.

And now that has all gone –

you have gone

Our jokes and laughter have been silenced.

Now, I no longer have the warmth of your smile,

the reassurances that only you could give.

Gone, gone, gone!

Who could know we were not going to last forever.

Maybe in some netherworld, we are still comrades in arms.

But for now, your place is empty and irreplaceable,

your face gone.

For now.

Although I will remember you as you were alive,

smiling, consoling, just being you.

Right there by my side

Only gone for now.

Only gone for now.


In loving memory of my good friend Tracey Hughes. RIEP! x



So here we all are already at the end of May! I trust your creativity is reaching greater heights.

Thanks for stopping by.

Until next time


Writing your first novel – Part 2



So you are writing your first novel. You have worked out your characters, plot and conflict. This process could take sometime because creative writing is an art and not a science, therefore individual writers have different approaches to writing fiction.

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Writing your first novel – Part 1


Let me jump right in and say if you are thinking of writing your first novel, well done! You are about to start a hefty task that is going to require a lot of your time and dedication. I salute you for your courage and self-belief.

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