I am an aspiring writer who lives in north London and likes all things to do with the art and craft of creative writing.  My love of writing goes back to childhood where I enjoyed writing miniature stories in school text books. Included in this is my love of reading which also goes back to childhood.  I will read anything I can get my hands on from books (fiction and non-fiction), magazines, newspapers, periodicals and of course other people’s blogs.

I have undertaken several creative writing and poetry courses some of which have been with the Open University, Writing Magazine and at my local college in Enfield.  I have also attained a BA (Hons) Degree in Politics and Government from The London Guildhall University. In addition, I have studied proofreading and editing, and during my career have worked in these capacities for various London companies including the international news agency, Reuters.

It is my wish that this blog will inspire, uplift and aid other aspiring writers as well as those further along the road.  I look forward to reading any feedback you may have including any success stories.

Enjoy the journey!

Happy Writing!





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