The Other Gentleman – A Short Story

****** Susanna’s wedding dress was as lacy and intricate and interwoven as the life she had led. It was made from the most delicate silk and lace in lavish ivory and cream. The trail was the longest anyone had ever seen. As she stood at the alter, her life with Alex, wealthy, handsome Alex, withContinue reading “The Other Gentleman – A Short Story”

‘Wife, Where Art Thou?’ A Sonnet

********** Sonnet #2 Five children, so yea I have some, Yet, a wife and mother I seek thou, to wipe a runny nose and kiss a bruised knee How they would jump with glee, Oh, how my children deserve some fun For their birth mother left without a word! How hard that was on usContinue reading “‘Wife, Where Art Thou?’ A Sonnet”

Your Unique Viewpoint

******** I read recently that the reason the why writers especially the new writer makes so little money (if any at all) is because writing is in itself not a rare commodity. That means many people can and do write. Let’s face it, it doesn’t require high start up costs, just a sheet of paperContinue reading “Your Unique Viewpoint”

An Invisible Woman

********** Warning: Contains adult content and language! Annette Baker hadn’t realized she was that kind of woman until she saw him bounding up the garden path. She hadn’t realized she was any kind of woman at all, she sadly acknowledged. Annette rushed to the front door as Jason Peters pressed the doorbell. She swung itContinue reading “An Invisible Woman”

Two Wise Men

In Celebration of Black History Month (UK) *** Two wise men were sitting on a park bench bickering about this and bickering that. After sometime the conversation grew more serious. Then, one wise man turned to the other and said, ‘What colour is a soul?’ Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! They excaimed simultaneously, before rising, shakingContinue reading “Two Wise Men”

‘Will You Hold My Hand?’

************ Will you hold my hand and glide me the easy way past the shadows, past the pitfalls? Will you hold my hand through the broken hearts? No tumbling waterfalls for me! Rather, the scattered, shattered thoughts of my mind. Will you hold my hand through the dereliction of the colour grey through to theContinue reading “‘Will You Hold My Hand?’”

Country Living

************* When life gets too much rushing here and then rushing there I can think of going back to that place. When the traffic is at a standstill beeps and horns, yelling – where busy feet scuffle and scrape the sidewalk the cacophony is deafening. The rise of pungent food odours mingle with the deathContinue reading “Country Living”

Secondhand Love – A Short Story!

Tulip Simpson waited nervously at the new cafe in town. It was one of those modern places all brightly coloured with chrome tables and sparkling décor. For a moment Tulip wondered why she had agreed to this meet-up with a perfect stranger but Brenda her best friend at the warehouse where she worked, had insistedContinue reading “Secondhand Love – A Short Story!”

Man With The Coiled Beard

He sits on a chair as old as time itself – a throne? could be. Surveying the world through liquorice eyes blinking away the visions of being caught between this world and the next. Blinking away a tear as the tragedy in all its grimness emerges a tarnished, disturbed earth Could be so perfect… AnotherContinue reading “Man With The Coiled Beard”

Husband, Where Art Thou?A Sonnet

Besieged with the same question Rain down the same answer ‘I don’t know’, yet a smile I still plaster, Hands wrung, oh this life’s predilection! Songs sung to the moon and the sun Oh, to be like many a couple made A voice earnest and sweet ‘please send me a date’ I, comely of dressContinue reading “Husband, Where Art Thou?A Sonnet”

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