Social Media: Friend or Foe for the Creative Writer?


Let me ask you something, how much time did you spend yesterday or the day before on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and all the other social media sites? One, two, three hours or more…

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Why Creative Writing is Good for You!


Hello and welcome to December! With the holiday season just around the corner maybe you will have a little extra time to do some creative writing, but think on this first…

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The Writing Process


So you have decided there is only one thing for it. Maybe you have tried other jobs like working in an office, working in the local supermarket, cleaning toilets, driving a bus. None of these jobs do much for you except use up most of your time and the pay is not going to make you rich!

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12 Things That Mean You Will Never Get Published!

sleeping man

Here is a list of 12 things that will guarantee you’ll never get published!

  1. Pick your nose as you gaze out of the window, when you should be writing!
  2. Fall asleep over your keyboard!
  3. Be the owner of one book!
  4. Write rarely or rarer than that!
  5. Write only when inspired!
  6. Do absolutely no research for your creative writing project!
  7. Spend all your time on social media instead of writing!
  8. Watching a lot of TV!
  9. Hoping your pet cat or dog can write that book for you!
  10. Never sending anything out to publishers and agents!
  11. Spend your weekends partying (in the name of research), but get no writing done later!
  12. Sleep with your manuscript under your pillow, expecting it to be done and  dusted by the morning…

So there you have it! If you do any of the above, please, please under no circumstances give up the day job, if you have one in the first place, that is…!!!

Good Luck (you’re going to need it)!

Ps: On the other hand, I might see you at your book signing!

Until next time,

Happy Writing, S


Online Support for Writers


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The Digital Age and Writing Life!


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