The Kiss

Jr Korpa

First there is a kiss –

a spirit awkens after a long, long sleep

a rose opens in celebration, plucked thereon for its beauty

and eternal scent.

The air stirs and whirls around the earth

a heart opens

joy springs forth

eyes sparkle, vision crystal clear

and beholds a new dawn.

A spirit is set free –

a bird flaps its wings, leaves rustle in the breeze

Then, sunset creeps up and looms golden, red, orange

and bathes the earth with a warm glow.

The spirit continues to wander through time in search of that kiss

in search of that soul,

of that destiny, even if it takes an eternity!


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Hello, Old Friend

Rene Muller

I’ve dreamed of you high up there in the blue sky

illuminating, warming, cheering.

Souls awaken at your presence; the earth gives a salute,

flowers bloom; pink, red, white, a kaleidoscope of colours,

smiles widen.

I can feel you on my forearms, my blood cheers as it moves around my body

renewed, rejuventated, intoxicated!

Snow melted, forgotten about for another year –

oh, the magic you weave as you brighten dark corners

and as you beam through the window pane.

Your light scintillates across the seas, sparks glisten and gleam like stars.

Your brightness and lightness are something to behold,

and soul is eager and longs for your return, old friend.


Inspired by the fact we are in the middle of a British winter! Looking forward to summer!

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Rocking Chair


Here so soon.

Years gone to who knows where…

Once I was there, fresh, new, hopeful,

today I am here, faded, expired with only the echo of a life once lived

for company.

Children grown, and long gone,

husband already on that journey.

My rocking chair creaks gently, piecing the silence.

Hands puffed, and wrinkled,

grey hair replaces black.

A million thoughts go through my head

Am I afraid…?

Is it a journey I will like…?

I know I can’t come back once I’m there.

Maybe I’ll see old friends – who knows!

Am I really that old?

My rocking chair whispers the worst

Am I ready…?

I calm my thoughts, close my eyes and wait for an answer…


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See You In My Dreams

Oh the want of you

the passion, the desire, the yearning

to see your face.

I sizzle, I swoon

my love, my love!

I long to hear the timbre of your voice, deep as an ocean,

laugh with you, be with you.

How time would stand still.

I can feel myself come alive under your gaze,

at your touch, kisses as tender as summer rain.

Can you feel my tremor?

I can feel yours, and your thunder…

Oh, this love affair will never end,

the memories will never fade.

See you in my dreams…


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Happy New Year!

It’s Come To This

Those days of endless sunlight,

those years of big dreams, when everything seemed possible

they now fade from my memory.

Did I really have those ideas believing in the unfolding of those dreams?

So sunny and bright,

it could be, but I’m not sure now.

Instead, I’m surrounded by loss, betrayal, failings, defeat!

Every hope befallen and mingling in the ashes of my life.

Gone are those better days. Crushed.

In it’s place – nothing anyone would welcome.

To look backwards is to see the wreckage and the mayhem.

To look forward, would I dare!

No man’s land.

It’s come to this!


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With these Hands

With these hands I can fire a gun,

Or cook a gourmet meal.

With these hands I can caress your face.

Or hold a baby.

With these hands I can embrace you or anything.

And with these hands I can hold any hand and feel the warmth within.

With these hands I can paint a sunset,

Or write a book.

With these hands I can feel own power!

To be, to create, to design the world I imagine!

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Knowing Me

I want you to know me, in that place.

I want to speak without words.

Dance if I want to, sing if I want to, cry if I have to.

I want to be seen,

As only you can do.

Wow, to be myself, what must that be like?

I must try it and see if it fits!

I want to walk with you,

Say your name out loud,

See horizons untouched by anything or anyone –

With you.

Sample some of life’s beauty –

Will you take this journey with me?

For only you can bring out the woman in me.

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Until next time, Sharon

Going Home


You know that place that knows you back –

You don’t need to explain.

It understands those deepest wishes

Where you go, it’s there first.


That’s the place I want to be and remain

Safe, understood and comforted.

I close my door and nothing else exits,

Or matters!

The world is a world away,

I’m going to that place now.

Yeah, that’s probably where you’ll find me.

The only thing is, it’s only got room for one.

So don’t bother looking for me,

For I am going home,

For a long time.

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So, this is it!

Our old world

gone someplace, who knows where.

Did we imagine it? Was it really there?

The new world, a shadow of the old

Could this be it?

Things I knew nothing about before, linger and cast long shadows.

Could this be it?

I gather up and brace myself for this new challenge

but like none of it!

I prefer the old ways,

I guess I’m funny like that.

I knew it, loved it even

but this…

Could this be it?

I guess everything changes,

will this become the new familiar?

Then, this is it!

Thanks for stopping by. Until next time, S

Nicholas Sparks, Nights in Rodanthe – A Book Review

download (3)

Hello and welcome from London. And in keeping with the onset of autumn, you know, where the nights are longer and you may soon need an extra log on the fire (certainly here in England), I have got something for you romance fiction lovers.

Continue reading “Nicholas Sparks, Nights in Rodanthe – A Book Review”

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