‘So How’s the Writing Going?’

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‘So how’s the writing going?’ How often have you heard that one, after you tell everyone you want to be a writer?  It’s the oldest one in the writer’s handbook so to speak!

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Where’s the Dustbin?



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Hello and Welcome



Hello and welcome to my blog.  It’s chiefly a writer’s den written by me Sharon a new writer who has a somewhat considered opinion on many things.  Watch this space as I ramble on about anything that has niggled me, enlightened me, or just given me a little laugh.  Life, can make you cry as well as laugh!  I hope there are more laughs along the way!

I will let you know what I have been up to, what I am working on and what I am reading. Any books, short stories or anything that I particularly enjoyed I’ll pass on.  And of course if I get that oh-so-elusive book deal, I’ll be sure to let you know.

So watch this space.

Until next time

Happy Writing! S