We used to have such fun,

You and me.

Me and you.

We would laugh about the silliest things –

oh how you would laugh at my jokes.

You were small, and I tall.

We had opposing views about some things

but none of that mattered.

We had a secret way of knowing no matter what,

we were always on the same page –

Comrades in arms

There for one another.

That twinkle in your eyes told me I was not alone.

Do you remember those times when I was always cold

and you were always hot?

I do.

And now that has all gone –

you have gone

Our jokes and laughter have been silenced.

Now, I no longer have the warmth of your smile,

the reassurances that only you could give.

Gone, gone, gone!

Who could know we were not going to last forever.

Maybe in some netherworld, we are still comrades in arms.

But for now, your place is empty and irreplaceable,

your face gone.

For now.

Although I will remember you as you were alive,

smiling, consoling, just being you.

Right there by my side

Only gone for now.

Only gone for now.


In loving memory of my good friend Tracey Hughes. RIEP! x



So here we all are already at the end of May! I trust your creativity is reaching greater heights.

Thanks for stopping by.

Until next time



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