It’s a wonderful life!

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Tis the season to be jolly… So tell me my friends were you jolly and well-fed yesterday? I hope so! What was it? Turkey, chicken, fish, nut roast? Well for me, my dinner was a bit of a disaster! The turkey was dry, the rice was under cooked, the Brussels sprouts I managed to burn (can you believe that)! All true. So I sat down, to this very undesirable dinner, but at least the Continue reading “It’s a wonderful life!”


How to Start Creative Writing

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Now then, so you have decided to take the brave step and start your writing journey! First things first, don’t give up that day job!  Good, that’s out of the way!  Now you are truly ready to scratch that writing itch and maybe make yourself a big name…eventually! But for today where do you start?  Even those Continue reading “How to Start Creative Writing”


palm treeWhen they say life is not easy, they were not joking!  EASY, that will be the day.  So you can imagine how much harder it feels for the aspiring or even established writer.

When trying to establish yourself as the next big thing since JK Rowling or Danielle Steel, or any such esteemed writer, far too many to mention here, there are lots of obstacles in your way.  If you choose Continue reading “Life”

Finding New Ideas For Creative Writing

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I do not know about you but at times when I think about the craft of writing I come over all confused. It’s not exactly the craft of writing that confuses me, but the subject matter.

For the novice or new writer, this can be an overwhelming area. Think about Continue reading “Finding New Ideas For Creative Writing”

So it’s summer!

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Yes yes! the long awaited summer has finally arrived in England – long warm days and longer evenings.  So what’s to be done with all this lovely weather; you know it’s not going to last forever!  Maybe you are going away to  distant shores for a well deserved holiday, or simply pottering around visiting museums, parks, adventure theme parks with your friends and family.  But for the rest of us writer types there may be no actual Continue reading “So it’s summer!”

Feeling Lonely?

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Well, if as a budding writer you are experiencing this emotion, now or have in the past, then let me give you a very warm welcome to the club!

Continue reading “Feeling Lonely?”