Finding New Ideas For Creative Writing

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I do not know about you but at times when I think about the craft of writing I come over all confused. It’s not exactly the craft of writing that confuses me, but the subject matter.

For the novice or new writer, this can be an overwhelming area. Think about Continue reading “Finding New Ideas For Creative Writing”


Write away


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Now then.  It would seem that we are experiencing an early autumn in the UK! And you can imagine what is coming next from me…  Early autumn means long dark nights where the wind is howling around your house or apartment, the rain is lashing against the window panes, and if you are particularly lucky Continue reading “Write away”

So it’s summer!

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Yes yes! the long awaited summer has finally arrived in England – long warm days and longer evenings.  So what’s to be done with all this lovely weather; you know it’s not going to last forever!  Maybe you are going away to  distant shores for a well deserved holiday, or simply pottering around visiting museums, parks, adventure theme parks with your friends and family.  But for the rest of us writer types there may be no actual Continue reading “So it’s summer!”

Feeling Lonely?

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Well, if as a budding writer you are experiencing this emotion, now or have in the past, then let me give you a very warm welcome to the club!

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Anyone for tennis?

I know all youtennis 2 budding writers and writing enthusiasts are simply rearing to go at this time of year, but please try and control yourself! I know I am. Not!!  You must be joking; at this time of year in England and anywhere else in the world, summer is the time to kick back, relax and make doing nothing a full-time job.  Even if it is only for one week during what is termed as ‘the summer holidays’. This usually runs from the end of July until the beginning of September (the British school holiday system).  Or in my  perfect world, from June right through until the end of September. Continue reading “Anyone for tennis?”

Are we crazy?

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It occurred to me recently that us writer types must be crazy.  Let me explain. Who else would work for nothing, that is, put in long hours writing novels, articles, short stories, poetry with a very strong possibility that it will be rejected outright by agents and publishers? When you have toiled for days or weeks on a short story submission for say People’s Friend magazine and you are absolutely certain you have met all the criteria.

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Why I Love London

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London, the exciting capital city of England.  A mere 27 miles across, but home to over 8 million people. And this is where I live. How lucky for me!

As an aspiring writer who like any other aspiring writer, will probably have several projects on the go at any given time. At present I am starting work on a new novel together with writing short stories geared towards women’s magazines such as People’s Friend and Take A Break Fiction Feast.  I also have a keen interest in poetry so there are things on the back burner there too.

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