Belinda Bauer, SNAP – A Book Review


Hello and greetings from London. I trust all is well in your world.

Snap, by British author Belinda Bauer is classified as a crime novel and in theory is it. But it is a crime novel with a difference.

The story goes like this. On a hot summer’s day a heavily pregnant woman and her three young children break down on the motorway, in the west country. The woman wonders off in search of a telephone and doesn’t come back. She is later found dead. Incidentally, Snap was inspired by a real-life incident that is; the murder of a pregnant woman in 1988 on the M50.

Back to the plot. So, a heavily pregnant woman is murdered, and her three young children have to fend for themselves. The oldest child Jack Bright, is the main protagonist and self- appointed head of the family.

Three years on from the murder of Eileen Bright, and at age of fourteen Jack Bright takes it on himself to try and find out who killed his mother. His father has since deserted the family and life for the Bright children becomes impoverished to say the least. And if you ask me, this is where the plot becomes untypical for a crime/thriller novel. A lot of the plot is narrated through the point of view of the bereaved teenager Jack Bright. He gets into all kinds of shenanigans as he tries to catch his mother’s killer including locating and threatening the heavily pregnant wife of the chief suspect.  All this, as well becoming a petty criminal and a burglar, in order to survive.

Meanwhile, the bumbling policeman DCI John Marvel, is tasked with investigating Eileen Bright’s death. However, he is also heading the investigation into catching the house burglar ‘Goldilocks’ who happens to be the teenager Jack Bright.

Snap, is a quite a complex novel and could be described as a psychological thriller. However, I sometimes felt that some of the plot was not that believable! It is essentially about a grieving child trying to navigate his way in an adult world. But he is not alone, as mentioned earlier.  As young as he is, he has got the care of duty for his two younger sisters, Merry and Joy.

As you can expect from any crime/thriller there are twists and turns, but in my view, none of it will leave you breathless. And when the killer is finally uncovered, it is with a great sense of relief.

Personally, Snap left me wondering why the villain, committed the murder in the first place; what were his motivations.

Snap is also a Sunday Times Bestseller!

Have a read, and tell me what you think.


Until next time, S

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6 thoughts on “Belinda Bauer, SNAP – A Book Review

      1. You’re welcome. I don’t mind watching good crime dramas / thrillers, but when it comes to reading I prefer the classics or subject matter connected to history. Don’t feel compelled to read what I like to read. Hehe. You can view the types of books I like to read in the ‘reading’ menu of my blog. Every Wednesday I discuss and present a quote from a recent book I’ve read. By the way, keep those book reviews coming. They are great to read.

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