Forrest Gump – A Movie Review!

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For those of us who will not be going on a summer holiday this year, here’s a great idea. Why not kick back, relax and take in a movie or two!

So I have just finished watching Forrest Gump (1994), you know the one that stars Tom Hanks as a young man with a below average intelligence. The interesting twist being; for a man who is not that bright, he certainly went on to achieve some extraordinary things!

Before I go any further I  want to quickly add that the movie is based on the book (same title) by a writer called Winston Groom. So you can see where I am going with this…

Back to the movie. Forrest Gump has difficulties as mentioned above. However, his mother believes in her young son 100 per cent and instils confidence in him from a very young age. She does not want  her son to be disadvantaged in any way and pushes for him to go to a regular school and not to a school for challenged kids. And if you want to see how she achieves this, you will have to watch the movie!!!

Forrest Gump is a colossal movie, and at the heart of it is a tender love story between Forrest and his troubled childhood sweetheart, Jenny. Together they form a double act that endures beautifully throughout the length of the tale.

I felt the movie was courageous undertaking as it brought together very disparate elements including some iconic events in American history such as the Vietnamese war, segregation in the south (Alabama) where the film is set, to the shooting of the Kennedy brothers.

Forrest Gump’s involvement in these events is interesting to say the very least! And somewhere along the way he manages to be awarded The Medal of Honour for acts of heroism during the Vietnamese war! It is while he is in the army that he befriends fellow soldier Bubba, who has a grand plan for making loads of money in the shrimping business, once they leave the army.

It is the same business idea that makes Forrest Gump a millionaire after he has returned to civilian life. However, none of this ever goes to his head and thus shows the unique quality of this simple character! And just when you think Forrest Gump’s luck could not get any better, his fortunes change and he suffers a bereavement in the family!

However, such is the richness and yet simplicity of Forrest Gump’s life, his childhood sweetheart Jenny comes back into his life and takes him into another unexpected direction. Hence, he is sitting on the bench at the bus stop, talking to anyone offering them a chocolate! Yes, that famous, pivotal setting!

I loved Forrest Gump the movie for far too many reasons to mention here. First of all, it is a good old fashioned love story. And who doesn’t like a tearjerker? Secondly it is an unconventional adventure story. However, it is also a coming of age tale, about a young man who grows up to become wise, wealthy and a father.

This is a story about a man who gave everything his best shot and came out the victor and a hero. Which leads me nicely to the purpose of my blog, Sharon’s Writers Tidbits: becoming a writer and then becoming a better writer!

Don’t let self-doubt stop you from writing and then sending your work out, because with a little bit of luck, you could be the author of the next hit movie! Yay!!!

Until next time,

Happy writing, S

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