Bah Humbug

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Well, well, well, so Christmas 2017 is finally behind us. Didn’t it rush up fast!! I bet you thought you would not survive all the festive activities, visiting family that you haven’t seen since, well, last year, making small talk, smiling sweetly! Hell, they don’t call it the ‘silly season‘ for nothing!

For many people, Tis the Season to NOT be jolly!! Especially us writer types. You know that old introspective persona, that would much rather be in a corner somewhere just ‘being’ and not pulling another Christmas cracker or balancing a brightly coloured paper hat on your head…

It’s like this: Christmas only comes around once a year (too often for some I know) but you may as well get something out of it.

First of all, it’s a season for GIVING. So think of ways in which you can help someone, maybe some charity work, or give your time and assistance to someone in need for free. For example; drop some money into the palm of the next homeless person you meet. Christmas does not have to mean a time of self-indulgence and decadence. This is after all, the season for good will to all men…

Another take on the festive season is to give something to yourself also. It could be a time of quiet reflection about your life, things you are thankful for, what you have achieved so far, and what you want to achieve in the NEW YEAR2018!

However don’t wait until the following year to plan your creative writing projects. Do it now and get ahead of the game. Set yourself mini targets say to enter writing competitions or indeed to submit that manuscript to an agent or publisher. Make 2018 the year that you self-publish that collection of poems…

Finally, see Christmas as a time to rest and recharge and await those FANTASTIC things that may lay ahead!

Thank you for following and supporting Sharon’s Writers Tidbits.

Catch you again in the NEW YEAR

Happy Writing! S



Author: Sharon's Writers Tidbits

Sharon is an aspiring writer who lives in north London and likes all things to do with the art and craft of creative writing. Her love of writing goes back to childhood and it is a passion that is present to this very day. Sharon's main interests are novels and short stories, but she also enjoys writing non-fiction. It is her dream to one day be a published author.

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