Sharon Bolton, Dead Woman Walking – A Book Review

dead woman walking

This was an interesting and altogether curious read. Although I have heard of the author Sharon Bolton for sometime this is the first book I have read.

Can’t think why this is the case as Sharon Bolton, previously known as S J Bolton has written over ten books including two shorter works of fiction or novellas and has been published since 2009. Her books can be categorised as fitting the  mystery/crime/thriller genres.

So, the book opens with the brutal murder of a young woman. Only, this murder has a particular motive as we find out later! The crime is witnessed by a passenger, a woman who is at that exact moment in the skies above enjoying a hot-air balloon excursion with her sister in Northumberland National Park, situated on the Scottish boarders.

She sees the murderer which is one thing, but the murderer also sees her! All very tense. And this is just the beginning! There are twelve other passengers enjoying this hot-air balloon flight, who are now potentially witnesses to what has just happened…

Eventually it comes down to one witness to the murder, the main character who  is now on the run – hence Dead Woman Walking

Thus begins a novel that has more twists and turns than a funfair ride! The novel however is essentially about the close relationship between two sisters Isabel and Jessica and the different paths they took. But it is also about the secrets that lie dormant in families, that eventually surface causing unpleasant revelations!

However, I think it is all the other characters that make Dead Woman Walking a memorable work of fiction. It includes a mix of nuns, a dysfunctional traveller family and a large and imposing Detective Chief Inspector Ajax Maldonado and his wife MoJo!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

The style of the novel is written largely in flashback which I thought was unusual for the genre and at times I got a little confused. This book requires your full attention so don’t read it if you are half asleep. I felt this was one of those books you would need to read twice.

If a book could be described as ‘shady’ and ‘edgy’ then Dead Woman Walking ticks both those boxes. It is also very intriguing  with an ending I did not see coming!

Please do give this book a read and let me know what you think.

Until next time, happy writing, S



Author: Sharon's Writers Tidbits

Sharon is an aspiring writer who lives in north London and likes all things to do with the art and craft of creative writing. Her love of writing goes back to childhood and it is a passion that is present to this very day. Sharon's main interests are novels and short stories, but she also enjoys writing non-fiction. It is her dream to one day be a published author.

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