The Digital Age and Writing Life!


Well, well, well, I can’t believe we are half way through October, it seems like only yesterday I was cheering on team GB in the Rio Olympics in the summer!  Now we are edging closer to Christmas, but I digress.

It occurred to me recently that the lives of us writer types have changed considerably from what it was say twenty years ago. Yes, I am referring to the digital revolution; not only does it affect the way we view television and film but it also affects how we read and gather information.

Years ago if you were writing a novel and you needed to do some research you would have to trot to the library.  It would probably be raining and the library depending on the time of day would be very busy (a lot different to now). Nowadays there are any number of sites from which you can gather information without leaving your house. The hardest thing you would have to do would be to switch on your computer! You have the world at your fingertips. Nice and easy!

How the Digital Age Can Help Writers

However, the digital age is more than any number of Apps you can have on your mobile phone like WhatsApp!!  Don’t forget your smart phone is also a mini computer.  You can download books, films and all sorts of things the writer might find useful. If like me your eyesight is not as great as it use to be and you need something bigger, what about a handy tablet. A tablet is even better for downloading books although I still personally prefer the old fashioned way – holding a book in my hands. I guess I am funny like that!

I feel the main advantages of the digital age is the speed at which you can get information. You buy a book from Amazon for example and it can be downloaded and ready to read in moments no waiting for the postman!

The same can be said for films. Do you remember those days of going down to Blockbusters usually over the weekend to pick a film and then trudge back with the overpriced popcorn from same said place? Whatever happened to Blockbusters and all those rental places by the way? Probably gone to the same place as the dinosaurs!!

Aren’t we writers the lucky ones to be doing this fine craft during these modern, exciting times!  Now you have no real excuse for not writing.  Remember the rest of the world is just a click away!

Until next time, happy writing, S




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Sharon is a writer who lives in north London and has a long-held passion for the art and craft of creative writing. Sharon's main interests are novels, short stories and poetry. She also enjoys writing non-fiction. She is an avid reader and has a threatening TBR pile of books!

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