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You didn’t think I wasn’t coming back did you?  You should have more faith! Well, it was not exactly a brilliant summer, and it went by way too quickly. Aside from a bad back which meant walking and sitting was very painful for several days.  All of this didn’t leave me in the mood for writing. However, I hope that is the past now.  As the nights draw in I feel it is an ideal time to reconnect with creative writing and all things literary. Don’t you agree?

So how was your summer, did you do lots of fun filled things, go on vacation, read lots of books, go for long walks, eat lots of chicken at barbecues etc?  I hope you did, as this is what the summer is for. However, while you are enjoying yourself did you keep inspired by keeping your notebook to hand and jotting down any witty things, overheard conversations, jokes, observations, for use at a later date?

Inspiration is the thing that stumps most budding writers and I include myself in this as well as procrastination. It is all too easy to put off writing projects to the next day or the one after, because you simply don’t feel like it and you feel the prospect of getting anything published is dim. So why bother!

You would be right to  have these moments from time to time, but don’t let that stand in your way permanently.  You don’t need me to tell you about all the writers who had their work rejected loads of time like Stephen King and JK Rowling.  Can you imagine the world without these highly creative people in it?  No, neither can I.  So get on with something however large or small and give your creative energy a place to flow.

Inspiration and Creative Writing

As touched on a bit earlier, inspiration can be a problem. However, it can be solved in many different ways.  The first thing I would add is to break out of your comfort zone. Do something you would not normally do or you have not done is a long time. For example, go to an exhibition and see your favourite artist or look at the work of new artists.  Go to the cinema and watch a film in a category you would not normally go for like say science fiction, or horror if you would usually watch romance or adventure.

Lee Child – Tripwire

At the moment I am reading a book by the writer Lee Child ‘Tripwire’.  This is the first time I have read anything by him and I have to say I already love his main character Jack Reacher. He writes thrillers and I believe Lee Child has written about nineteen books.  A lot to get stuck into.  I can already feel my creativity coming alive whilst I am reading this book.

With the long evenings on their way as mentioned before, there is no excuse not to get busy with all things creative, and then see how it impacts positively on your writing.

Give it a go.

Until next time, happy writing, S.



Author: Sharon's Writers Tidbits

Sharon is an aspiring writer who lives in north London and likes all things to do with the art and craft of creative writing. Her love of writing goes back to childhood and it is a passion that is present to this very day. Sharon's main interests are novels and short stories, but she also enjoys writing non-fiction. It is her dream to one day be a published author.

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