Writing For Money?


Just when you thought you were safe to do absolutely nothing towards fulfilling your writing dreams… well yes, I’m back again! There is nothing like a new month a sort of new beginning to get us writer types inspired to do more writing. Also, it’s March, not too long before spring which is always welcome in my books.  Longer evenings, without that biting cold to make you want to curl up on the sofa and watch TV.  While a little TV is good for relaxation and could be classed as research, too much is not going to get that book, poem, or song written, is it?

Or maybe you need an incentive to start writing in the first place, a sort of goal that will spur you on when the going gets really tough. MONEY usually works for most people. How to make money from writing!  An interesting question no doubt quite a few of you have been pondering for some time.

First things first.  It is possible to make money from writing, but it is not going to make you a millionaire unless you go by the name of say Stephen King, Danielle Steel or Martina Cole.  Three very different, very successful fiction writers.  But before you throw your hands up in the air and feel defeated right at the start, these writers would have had to have started somewhere, just like you and I.  But with perseverance and determination the aforementioned writers are now household names.  (Please see my success stories on Stephen King). No reason why it can’t be you next!

And the added advantage of writing for today’s world is that there are so many online avenues to write for or submit to, so you can build your portfolio and gain experience. Which leads me nicely into my next point. Be broad minded when it comes to your writing. Don’t think strictly in terms of fiction writing, what about non-fiction writing or feature writing.

Top Tip: if you go into any average supermarket and stand in front of the magazine section you will see any number of magazines on sale covering almost any subject you can think of. These require writers to fill their pages. This could be you.  If you are say an animal lover of  cats or dogs, I know personally that there are magazines covering your moggie or pouch! You might feel you could write something that someone else might be very interested to read.  Then why not research the magazine, construct an article and pitch it to the editor.  Again there are no guarantees that they will publish your piece, but the more you do, the more confident you will become, and the more possibilities you’ll create.

Make Money From Writing Fiction

Then there is our beloved fiction writing.  Making money from writing fiction is a lot harder simply because the female led market for fiction is shrinking.  Put simply, a lot of women’s magazines have done away with the trusty short story.  However, there are some left: People’s Friend, Take A Break, Take A Break Fiction Feast, Woman’s Weekly are just some of the magazines that accept short story submissions. My Weekly no longer accept submissions from writers they have not published previously. However, it is worth checking back with them to see if this is likely to change.  And of course if you get lucky the payment for short stories is reasonable.  The trick is if you want to make an income from writing, you must always have a handful of stories on the go so you keep up a steady flow of submissions (and hopefully not too many rejections).

So have a go and good luck.  Write about what you know and feel confident about, or research well.  With persistence you could be about to make some money and who knows, maybe one day earn a living from writing.

Until next time,

happy writing, S


Published by Sharon's Writers Tidbits

Sharon is a writer who lives in north London and has a long-held passion for the art and craft of creative writing. Sharon's main interests are novels, short stories and poetry. She also enjoys writing non-fiction. She is an avid reader and has a threatening TBR pile of books!

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