Why I Love London

big ben

London, the exciting capital city of England.  A mere 27 miles across, but home to over 8 million people. And this is where I live. How lucky for me!

As an aspiring writer who like any other aspiring writer, will probably have several projects on the go at any given time. At present I am starting work on a new novel together with writing short stories geared towards women’s magazines such as People’s Friend and Take A Break Fiction Feast.  I also have a keen interest in poetry so there are things on the back burner there too.

Now, this may all sound very nice, but sometimes ideas can be very few and far between. This is the last thing you need when you wish to increase your productivity. And this is where living in a city as diverse as London comes in handy!

Home to many diverse cultures such as the ex-commonwealth nations: Jamaica, India and African nations, it is also home to Turkish, Greek, Eastern European, Mauritian. Chinese, Polish and Ukrainian people to name but a few.  So when it comes to looking for fresh ideas and plot-lines for books, short stories, articles and the like, I have not got too far to look.

With such an array of different cultures, to the watchful eye the scope for inspiration  in London is endless.   But there is more. Picture this!  As it is now officially British summertime the possibilities for writing locations do not have to start and end in your back room, your shed, or in a forgotten darkened corner of your house or apartment!

hampstead heath

Hampstead Heath

There are a number of very outstanding parks in London also, for example: Hyde Park, Regents Park, Hampstead Heath (one of my personal favourites).  And let’s not forget all the local parks you have in your area or borough.  For me this would have to include Alexander Palace which has a lovely panoramic view of London – breathtaking actually.  You never know, the change of scenery, combined with a spot of ‘people watching’, might work wonders for your creativity.  I know it does mine the world of good to get out of my comfort zone (something which us writers like to be in, by the way) and see life from a different angle.

Failing that, there is always the view from your back window!

Until next time,

Happy writing! S


Published by Sharon's Writers Tidbits

Sharon is an aspiring writer who lives in north London and likes all things to do with the art and craft of creative writing. Her love of writing goes back to childhood and it is a passion that is present to this very day. Sharon's main interests are novels and short stories, but she also enjoys writing non-fiction. It is her dream to one day be a published author.

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